beyond 100 healthy days

100 days ago, i began on a journey of self improvement. i challenged myself that for the next 100 days, i would devote each and every day to being healthy – mind, body and soul. in the beginning it was difficult – you never realize how “bad” you are to yourself when you can only be good. the pressure to eat the donuts in the break room, grab a “quick bite” on the way home from work, have “just a few” cookies in the course of the evening can be overwhelming, and quite frankly it’s easy to cave in. each moment of will power only made me stronger. but what made me the strongest was gaining the support of people around the world. by documenting each passing healthy day with the hashtag #100healthydays, i joined a network of other people on the same journey – the journey to be the better, healthier version of ourselves.

many people asked me today if tomorrow (day 101) i will go crazy and eat everything and the kitchen sink. the answer is no. i have no desire to what-so-ever and i will continue to live on this healthy journey.

my health journey can be summed up in one simple quote – “nobody said it would be easy, they just said it would be worth it.”

it is so true. living a healthy live isn’t easy, but it is totally worth it. it requires discipline, dedication and determination. it requires getting back on the horse after falling down. it requires never losing faith in yourself.

i am using this blog as a way to continue documenting my journey. i will be sharing recipes, workout tips and motivations. i look forward to sharing my journey with you for a long time.

love, light and happiness